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Fritz Milk Glass Bottle - 235ML

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This beautiful minimalistic bottle comes with a single layer plastic cap closure. The simple lines used in the design of this glass bottle gives a clean and minimalistic vibe. Perfect to store yoghurt, smoothies, flower tea, herbal tea, home made sauces and dips etc. It will be a perfect door gift too! Running a yoghurt drink, smoothie or sauce business of your own? This is the perfect container for your company! Add on a significant label or simple decoration and you are good to go!

Description Value
Standard capacity 235ml
Brimful capacity 250ml
Body height With cap 14.4cm
Without cap 14.35cm
Mouth diameter Inner 3.45cm
Outer 4.45cm
Largest diameter 6.1cm
Minimum individual box size 6.1cm X 6.1cm X 14.4cm
Thickness 5mm
Carton size 1 carton = 36 pieces (RM2 per piece)
Weight 200g / piece
7.8kg / carton
  • Closure PE single layer plastic cap
  • Material PE plastic cap, Soda-lime Glass
  • Shape Straight sided with round base
  • Temperature Dishwasher safe, Freezer safe, up to 90 degree celcius
  • Quality BPA free, Eco-friendly, Food grade
  • Air tight Yes
  • Leak proof Shrink wrap needed for leak proof