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Pinto leather Strap

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The Covid-19 pandemic and environmental crisis affects human life and totally changes our lifestyle. This Pinto, food container or lunch box in Thai terms, is designed aiming to be a substitute for single-use plastic container usages, to help reduce plastic waste and prevent virus contamination. Inspired by the Thai local food container, the collaboration project by Labrador and Qualy, which are experts in recycled leather goods and recycled plastic.

This pinto is designed to be minimal, all the complex locking system is hidden inside its simple look but still unlimited in function. The height or amount of containers used can be adjusted to fits the user’s needs and lifestyle.

The containers are made from Tritan material which is super durable and fits for the tough or transporting usage through all user’s journey, from containing newly cooked food, transportation, storing in the fridge, reheating, and serving meals. The lid is airtight, conserve and extend the food’s life. The silicone cap on top of the lid is for pouring or open to reduce heat pressure when reheating in the microwave oven. 2 sizes are available for the user’s varied food (0.3, 0.6 L) can container can be rearranged up to 7 combinations. And also, users can mix its color to fit everyday outfits.

The locking part is made from discarded fishing nets, collected by Thai southern local fishermen to reduce waste enter to the ocean.
The strap has 2 options, recycled cotton and genuine leather with recycled leather as a strap lock part. Recycled Cotton makes the strap soft and reduces leftover stock from the cloth factory.

The strap is designed to simply lock by itself without using other parts and is chosen to harmonize with the container color and also unisex look.

Material : Triton + Genuine Leather + Recycled leather